Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are You Buying into Fear?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted and a lot has happened in the world since then that is creating a great deal of fear in people, especially here in the US.

Although there is definitely a recession I have chosen not to be part of it. Will it affect me yes, my retirement fund is losing money fast! Am I going to go through every day living fearfully, absolutely not!

I’m in touch with reality however, I decided I’m not buying into the frenzy that is going on.

You can either buy into the fear or let go! If you don’t have control over a situation what’s the point of spending each day being afraid of what might happen tomorrow, next week or next year. Suppose it never happens, you will have spent all that time being stressed for nothing. Catastrophic thinking not only plays with your mind, it also causes stress which is the internal response to an external event.

Take some action if you need to. Cut back if necessary. Clip coupons on and offline. Stop buying expensive Starbucks. Carpool. Do whatever you need to do, just don’t buy into fear. Check out sites like, You can find almost anything online these days including coupons for discounts.

Every time a fear comes up, acknowledge it and then replace it with something positive and move on. I know you might be saying easier said than done however, it really is easy to do and very simple.

Live your life fearlessly with power and don’t buy into anything you read or hear. Journalists and media have to have something to use as fodder and for now this is it. Not everything you read is true!

‘Til Next Time
Joy and Blessings