Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Your Comfort Zone Can Stop You From Living a Full Life

Moving Forward.

Staying in our comfort zone is much easier than stepping into the unknown. However, it’s also much more dangerous because often we don’t live a life that we want or one that’s big enough for us. Step outside of the old comfort zone and create a new, bigger, brighter zone that you become comfortable with.

Sometimes you might hit a barrier of fear or doubt. So, how do you get past this!

Imagine that you are running a race, maybe a marathon. The other runners are surging ahead and you feel yourself falling back. You start to think that it’s much easier just to coast or even to give up. This is the time when you need to pull forth all the inner power and energy that you’ve been storing up. You take a deep breathe, you surge forward and you find yourself getting closer and closer to the front of the group. You win! You’ve done it! Success is yours.

Sometimes it might seem challenging to keep up. If you keep moving forward, if you persevere and hold onto the dream you break through the barrier. The success you want is yours.

These few steps will help you to move ahead.

1. Start by clearly defining your goal and how you want it to look. (this is any area of life.) It might be professionally, health, weight, relationships. Whatever it is, it’s important to define how you want it to look. What would your dream ideally look like if anything were possible?

2. Although it might feel real, remember that fear is just a feeling manifested by a thought. You have the power to choose how you want to feel and how you want your life to be.

3. Focus on taking one action each day toward your dream and keep moving forward.

Have a great week. I’m rooting for all of you.

‘Til next time
Here’s to your Brilliance and Success


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm the me I choose to be!!

The reason I used the title, "I’m the me I choose to be" is because over the years, first with patients in private practice and since 1998 with coaching clients, I have discovered that many people don’t realize that they are who they have made a choice to be.

We live with the law of attraction every day and the kind of energy we put out into the world is what we receive back. That applies to who we are too, not only what we attract.

For many years I played the role of victim, all through my 20’s and 30’s and finally in my 40’s, things changed. There were situations and events that brought me face to face with my own weaknesses and made it necessary for me over the course of a number of years, to make many changes.

Of course, I could have chosen not to make the changes, I could have chosen to stay the 'me' I was then. However, my life no longer worked that way and that was the one thing I could see, even when I didn’t want to. I knew I now had to take responsibility for my own life and create it the way I wanted to live.

We are all victims of circumstances! However, we don’t have to play the role. Whatever is going on in your life, your business, your job, ask yourself if this is how you want to live. Your thoughts create your feelings, feelings create behavior, behaviors become actions. What are your behaviors, feelings and actions like? Are you being true to yourself? Is there thinking that you can change so you can take charge of your life?

Choose to be the person you truly want to be and live the life you truly want to live.

Have a wonderful week.
'Til next time

To Your Success and Brilliance
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What the Law of Attraction is Really About

There’s been such a lot of controversy about the movie “The Secret” and how it’s giving people misleading information, I wanted to make sure that all of my readers understood what The Law of Attraction is really about.

There are many laws within the Law of Attraction. I’d like to share a few of the natural laws of the universe from Bob Proctors version of "Science of Getting Rich."

The Law of perpetual transmutation - The images you create in your mind can be manifested in your life.

The Law of Vibration - Everything vibrates (energy). Your thoughts control your vibration.

The Law of Cause and Effect - Action -- re-action are equal and opposite.
Take responsibility for creating your life the way you want it. Don’t just be at the effect of whatever life throws at you.

The Law of Gestation - Every seed has a gestation period. Your goals will manifest when the time is right through the action you take. Know that they will.

Yes, it’s about attracting into our lives wonderful things and living lives of wealth, joy, freedom and happiness. It is however, not going to happen just by saying the words or thinking it will.

Your mind is your master, you have the power to control it anyway you want. If you think negatively, that’s mostly what you will feel and attract. If you take action, think positively and believe in yourself, you become one with the universe and have the power to attract what you want into your life.

Today I am 66. Some people would say, “Oh my God, I’m getting old,” to me that means another exciting phase of my life is beginning. Someone said, “live, laugh and love.” I truly believe that’s what life is about. Grab life by the horns, take action and discover your own brilliance. I’d love for you to have what you truly want in life too.

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Success and Brilliance

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Never stop moving forward and never give up.

Last week I spoke about having to take action. There are two major things that have to happen in order to attract what we want in life. Have an attitude of Gratitude. Without being grateful for everything we already have in life, it becomes challenging to keep attracting what we want. The second one is Perseverance. Never stop moving forward and never give up.

I have been through major changes in my life at all ages. I started a completely new life when I moved to this country from the UK in my late 30’s. The next huge transition came when I decided to get divorced at the age of 43 after 25 years of marriage. Between 43 – 50 I went back to school, started a business, was diagnosed with a major lifelong autoimmune disorder and lost all my money. I had to start over.

I didn’t give up. I used all the negative experiences to learn from and I kept improving my mindset. In my mid 50-s through training I became a certified life coach and an NLP practitioner and started the business I’m in today. My mind set kept improving and I kept moving forward,

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I thank god for every negative experience I’ve ever had, they have been the greatest learning experiences and have allowed me to become who I am today. I never gave up. I persevered. Even when you think you can’t do it for even one more day, you can. Take baby steps, no one can jump from the bottom of the ladder to the top in one go.

Lots of people give up just about when they’re ready to have a breakthrough and they’re on the brink of success. Don’t let that happen to you. I am going to be 66 next week, I now have a wonderful, happy joyful life, am really passionate about what I do and what I teach and my life keeps expanding. You too can have whatever you want in life, it’s about discovering your own brilliance.

‘Til next time
Success and Brilliance
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