Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Are you a Worry Wart?

I know the title might not sound very attractive, I’m a Brit and that’s a very British expression. It’s also very to the point. Are you a worrier? Do you think about most things like it’s a catastrophe? Do you more often than not feel stressed and as we Brits would say “out of sorts?”

If this is how you feel and think, you’re making a choice to allow yourself to be this way. I probably wouldn’t be too far off if I said that about 80% of people in most countries think this way a lot of the time. Especially, with things the way they are in the world today.

I truly understand. I used to worry about everything, catastrophize most situations and walked around so stressed I had headaches every day. I didn’t change these patterns until I was in my 40’s. However, when I did, my life didn’t just change, it transformed my life and my thinking. Change is inevitable daily, transformation is a choice. Choice = power.

One of my clients, Ann, on her coaching calls, would continually complain. She didn’t have time to get assignments finished because……… It was Jim’s fault she was always late for appointments, etc. etc. I don’t have time, I’m always so busy. Why is it so difficult, so and so doesn’t have these problems etc. etc.

Being busy does not necessarily mean she was being productive, which is what sent her to me in the first place.

Because she was living her days this way, she was continually anxious, always worried and lived with constant stress.

I help people to change the way they think about all areas of their lives. She hired me to help her to earn more money, have more productive days and be more balanced in her life. I love my clients and I’m patient, I also want them to succeed.
I don’t want clients to waste money if they’re not committed to taking action.

First, she had to get honest and tap into the part of her that she was hiding. What was the payoff to not achieving what she said she wanted? What was she afraid of? How honest was she being with herself? What kind of negative messages did she have recorded in her mind?

Like me, most people get there messages from childhood. You can’t blame your childhood forever. As adults you have to take responsibility. This is part of
The Law of Cause and Effect.

Every cause has an effect; every effect has a cause. Thank God as human beings we have choice.

If you choose to live at the effect of life, you will always make excuses and find reasons why things don’t work out, why you don’t have enough money. You will always justify and blame others for lack in any area. This was initially how Ann was living.

Depending on the childhood messages we receive, many of us have gone through this phase at one time or another. The challenge is what happens when we stay in this mindset as adults.

Living on this side of the equation usually creates feelings of low self worth and feelings of powerlessness. Often feeling sorry for yourself and perhaps comparing what you don’t have to what others do have. Being part of the “ain’t it awful” crowd without even realizing it.

Having real power means that you are willing to live on the cause side of the equation, you are willing to take charge of your life and take responsibility for creating your life the way you really want it, based on your own actions. When you live life this way, it empowers you and you open yourself to the universe so that it works with you in attracting what you want in life.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, so patience is very important when going through this process. Like Ann, you have to be willing to look at the part you play in attracting the things that are and have happened in your life. It’s necessary to say if I wasn’t hiding, if I got really honest with myself, what action would I take?

Today, six months later, Ann is well on her way to financial freedom and great success and she thinks very differently. That doesn’t mean she’s perfect, or that she doesn’t slip, like all of us, she slips back into the thinking from time to time, however, it’s not about never slipping, it’s about how long you stay there. She learned how she could zap negative thinking in seconds. You can do this too.
Live your life to the fullest and live it the way you dream about.
(Real client, different name for confidentiality).

‘Til next time
To Your Brilliance and Success

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thinking Outside the Box

I realized this past few weeks in listening to people around me, just how many people don’t really think outside of the box. Mainly, because they don’t realize they are locked in a box of their own creation. You are not in jail, there are no bars other than those that you might create yourself.

This is one of the times when imagination plays a great part. If you were told that stepping outside of the box, guaranteed that you could create a different kind of future, would you take action?

After you have read this, close your eyes, imagine yourself living exactly the kind of life that you want. Imagine you can feel the breath of a breeze on your face, the warmth of the sun, the smell of newly mowed grass, the sound of laughter, feelings of excitement and pleasure and sit with this for a few minutes. Put everything in the picture that you would really like and really feel the feelings of having this. Take a deep breathe and open your eyes. How did it feel? Did it feel powerful, pleasurable, joyful, frightening, adventurous or whatever feelings you may have had.

You can have everything you want in life because you already have all you need to create it right there in your mind. There really is an unlimited supply, you can have it if you can conceive, understand and believe it.

Step outside of the box, it’s OK to feel a little fear and it’s OK to get off course. Life is not about being perfect, it’s just about being. Air planes are continually off course, however because a plane is programmed to know exactly where it’s going, it usually arrives at its destination. You can do the same. Decide what you want, step outside of the box and create the life of your dreams, you deserve it.

‘Til next time
To Your Success and Brilliance

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Negativity can be made to work for You.

I’ve written about many different topics in the months gone by. Most of them are connected to attracting what you want from the Universe.

There really is no big secret to being able to do this, however it does take certain techniques to allow you to make sure that your subconscious and conscious are working in alignment.

If you are taking action, thinking positively and are still not attracting what you want, stop whatever you are doing and ask yourself whether you really believe on every level that you can achieve wealth, success and joy in life.

Your subconscious is a tricky little mischief and is very powerful. Is there even a teeny bit of doubt or fear? Even if there is, there are ways to take the doubt and use it to work for you instead of against you.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Clean up your inner trash!

We all have mind messages, the stories that play in our heads, usually put there by other people. I was watching a movie, The Peaceful Warrior,” this past weekend and I was again reminded of the fact that until we clean up the ‘trash’ in our minds, it’s very challenging to be able to attract what we want in life.

If you have old habits and behaviors that are holding you back, clear them away. When I was in private practice, I used to use a visualization with clients that had them seeing a garbage truck carrying all the old messages away. Clearing out old mindsets is not nearly as challenging as it sounds, it’s just a matter of setting an intention and working on it. “The battles we fight are on the inside.” Clear out the trash and there won’t be any more battles.

You’re human, you might make mistakes and that’s OK, that’s how you learn. Change the way you think and you can change your life.

Have a wonderful July 4th.

‘Til next time