Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Have Gratitude in Life as well as Humility

I know this is not how I usually write so I hope you will forgive me. I am however getting really concerned about what’s going on these days.

I find that here in the US, people either can’t get enough of what’s going on in the upcoming elections or they can’t get enough of all the negative things that are happening to people like Britney Spears.

I’ve been listening to all the senators who want us to make them president, judging, putting down and criticizing each other, saying almost anything to make the other look bad in some way.

I listen to all the pathetic sad plights of the young people in the movie industry, losing custody of their kids, using drugs or as one well known movie actor said in people magazine when asked if he was going to marry the mother of his child, “It’s a love child.” Give me a break! Doesn’t anyone think of the damage this does to our young people, especially children!

Most of the movies and stuff on TV today is full of violence and often times I’m amazed when I see the plots played out. Then we wonder why there’s so much violence around us. Not that I’m saying TV or movies are solely to blame but it certainly doesn’t help.

What kind of example do these type of people set for the rest of the population? How are kids supposed to know that drugs are not OK, that having a child outside of marriage is not the greatest way for a child to grow up, that judging impairs people’s integrity and that it’s important to have gratitude in life as well as humility and that even when running a race, you can do it with dignity.

I have six grandchildren under 7 years old. I’d give a lot to see them grow up to a different kind of world.

I’d love to hear what other people think about this so if you’ve got anything to say, positive or negative, please drop me a line. In the meantime, have a wonderful, bright and peaceful week.

‘Til next time

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Live a more Healthy Lifestyle this Year

This week I would like to talk about something that has come to the forefront in the news because it concerns me and it takes away from attracting what you want in life.

Smoking and Obesity. The two top causes of death in the US. Both are addictions. I don’t use words like wrong and bad so I’m not going to do that about these two topics either, neither do I judge. However, I will say they can both ruin your health.

I always had great blood pressure and cholesterol. In my 20’s & 30’s I was always between 101 – 110lbs. In the UK where I come from, small portions are the norm so it wasn’t so difficult and I was young. I moved to the US when I was 38. In my 40’s & 50’s it went to 115-125lbs and in the last few years I gained another 15lbs.

Not really such a big deal I thought since I’m in my 60’s and I like the way I look. However, a few months ago at my physical my doctor didn’t agree! My blood pressure & my cholesterol was way too high for comfort. For my height of 5’ 1” he told me it was imperative to lose at least 15lbs or I would find myself having problems. I agreed to take medication until I could get both down naturally.

I kept hearing about how many people die from obesity and smoking, suddenly it seemed to be everywhere. We often think we can do all the things we did in our 20’s and 30’s forever and nothing is going to change. Not so! I want to see my six grandchildren grow up and watch their dreams come true. I realized that if I didn’t make changes my desire to live healthy until I am at least 100 would not happen.

I started researching. . I stopped smoking when I was 42. I didn’t have a great deal to lose and it wasn’t about weight, to me it was about being healthy. I read some amazing stories about people losing hundreds of pounds and here was I with a measly 10-15lbs. to lose. I decided if one human being can do it anyone can. It’s about how much you care about yourself. I made a decision. I didn’t have to do it by next week I could set small goals. It’s what you do on a long term consistent basis that counts.

If I wanted to be really healthy I needed to make some lifestyle changes. I decided to create my own program with Lean Cuisine. In the first 3 weeks I lost 8 lbs. This was just before the holidays and you know what food and the holidays can be like :) I decided in advance to give myself permission to have a little of everything I wanted so that I didn’t feel deprived. On January 2nd I weighed myself and found I had gained only half pound. It worked and I had eaten what I wanted. I’m now back on track. I can’t do lots of exercise, however I do walk and I park far away from everything so that I have to walk further. My body feels different and I feel great.

I’m sure there are people who will say “I don’t want to hear her story” or “she has so little to lose, it’s easy.” So why am I telling you this?

Because I care. It’s not about size, it’s about feeling great and being healthy, it’s about changing your mindset. Ask yourself if you really love how you feel? What will I feel like if I don’t live a more healthy lifestyle this year? Answer the questions honestly.

Clients have often said to me. “You’re a certified master clinical hynotherapist and certified NLP Practitioner, can you make me a CD to help me lose weight?” I decided to make some CD’s that would help people to stop smoking, lose weight and zap limiting beliefs.

The reason I wrote this is because if you’re not where you want to be in any area of your life and you want to attract abundance in all ways, it’s important to take care of your own health first. The CD’s will be ready in February. If you’re interested please sign up for the Monday Motivator and you will be notified as soon as they are released.

You’re a brilliant light in this world, let that brilliance shine for yourself.

‘Til next Time
Peace and Blessings

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Do you have a dream?

I arrived back last night from an amazing 4 day vision leader conference with incredible speakers and 50 other vision leader attendees, myself included. I met wonderful people and heard the most amazing visions and dreams. The main theme I heard from everyone who wants to make great changes in themselves and/or the world were the words soul and spirituality.

This workshop wasn’t about money. Everyone I hope knows that money is a big factor and definitely makes life a lot easier. And, that we all deserve to achieve wealth and abundance in life, however the visions I heard were about the help, teaching and gifts people can bring to the world first. Do that and wealth follows.

There we were in the midst of the worst storm that San Francisco has had for over a decade, t he winds were blowing about 70 miles an hour and yet the sound of this storm, the heaviness of the rain seemed to make it even more perfect and inside the room there was a wonderful feeling of love, peace and gratitude.

We made mind maps about our visions, we shared thoughts and ideas, we spent time learning from each other and also laughing a lot. We were all really excited to imagine the difference that people can make in the world if they make dreams come true.

Visions are about whatever it is you dream of. Nothing is too big if you believe in yourself. For example, there was someone who’s vision was about wanting to help women over 50 make it easier to create great relationships, there were others who wanted to make the world a safer place for kids, overall every vision I heard was in some way to teach people how to live their lives purposefully with passion.

I think everybody is looking for the same thing, a much deeper connection with their soul, spirituality and with other people looking for the same thing.

Don’t put your dreams on hold, nothing is silly or ridiculous, everything and anything is possible. Nothing happens over night and it takes time for visions to materialize. It doesn’t always happen exactly when we want it to. Sometimes the Universe works in it’s own time. All you have to do is believe in yourself, have patience and take action. And, never listen to people who put down your dreams. You can do anything and everything, you are a brilliant source of light.

‘Til next time
Have a wonderful week
Success and Brilliance

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

There’s no such thing as perfection!

Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to go into a new beginning.

What do I mean by a new beginning? January is a wonderful time of the year to start fresh. To set new goals, make new wishes, create new visions and get on track with your dreams. Whatever you didn’t get done last year or the year before, take a look and see where you might have done it differently and then set actions to make it happen.

A word of caution! It’s OK to make mistakes and you definitely don’t have to be perfect. Perfectionism can create procrastination, lessen your confidence and take away your power. Achievement through being a perfectionist takes away, it doesn’t increase. It’s much more productive to get something done rather than spend time attempting to get it perfect and yet never getting it going.

Mistakes allow you to learn. Imagine if we never made mistakes, how would we learn?

So, make this a great beginning to this wonderful New Year, take one step at a time, create your goals and then don’t just look toward the end result, look at the daily actions you take and the weekly goals you create. Your goals will happen if you take it in small does. Remember to always be grateful for the abundance around you. Abundance is not about money, it’s about life.

Have a great month.
To Your Success and Brilliance

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