Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are You Ready and Clear About What YOU Want?

My grandson turned 7 this past weekend and as I watched him play basketball with his friend it was very clear that he definitely knew what it was he wanted. He wanted to score goals and that’s what he focused on doing as they ran around throwing the ball from one to the other. They didn’t think about what they didn’t want only about what they did want.

As you come into 2009 don’t focus on what you don’t want, become really clear about what it is you do want! In order to attract and manifest what you want it’s very important to know what it is. Don’t just think you know which is what a lot of people do, be really sure. Write down how you would like your ‘ideal’ life and business to look.

Create the picture in your mind, make an action plan, stay focused and keep moving forward with that picture in mind just as my grandson had the picture in his mind of shooting the ball into the goal and he scored more often than not because he knew what he was going for.

Always remember that although reaching the goal is important, it’s just as important to enjoy the journey. Don’t give up be persistent and persevere. Everything is about energy so keep your energy high. Have fun stay in the moment and know that it’s not about perfection it’s just about staying on the path and taking one step at a time.

‘Til Next Time
Happy Thanksgiving


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