Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Think about what you do have.

I hope everyone had a really super Memorial day weekend. I don’t know what it’s like in your part of the country/world, however for all the fact that everyone here in the US is complaining about the cost of gas being more than $4 a gallon, there were cars galore on the freeway.

Although it may seem not at times, we really do have things great here in the US. As with everything else it’s about perception. Yes, gas has gone up, however in Europe they are paying the equivalent of $8 a gallon and food is twice as expensive as it is here. How about we all look again at what we do have, not at what we don’t have.

I’m off to exhibit this week at Book Expo. America which is in Los Angeles and will be there from Thursday 29th – June 1st. It should be fun, exciting and exhausting and I’m really looking forward to it. Thank god they don’t allow smoking in any of the public places in LA any more so at least the air won’t be clouded with smoke.

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Have a great week.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Humility and Gratitude

I recently went to an award event at which six or seven women were honored for their efforts in one area or another. The reason I’m writing about it here is that I never cease to be astounded how little has changed.

I always pay very careful attention to the words people use because it’s one of the things I do to help my clients move faster along their path.

The organizers of the event had written lovely, positive accolades about each woman based on what they had achieved which were read to the room by the MC for the day before handing out the award.

The women receiving the awards used words like, I don’t deserve this, I don’t know why I’m receiving this, I didn’t do anything my assistant did it all and one went so far as to say I don’t think I’m any of the things that have been said about me. People had nominated these women, people thought these great things about them and in a few words all that was said had been negated. I thought perhaps it was my imagination however the people sitting on either side of me noticed the same thing.

Not one said, ‘Thank you so much I’m really honored. I’m glad I was able to make a difference. I would also like to thank all the people in my business that supported me, without whom it would have been very challenging.”

There’s a difference between having humility and gratitude and coming from a place of grace because we know we deserve it. Thinking well of ourselves, being proud of ourselves is OK, it doesn’t have to come from having a big ego. Having humility doesn’t mean we have to negate ourselves. Unfortunately so many women have received the message that we have to be ‘good girls, ’ it’s not nice to think we’re great, it’s selfish, who do we think we are etc. etc. and it’s so well ingrained on an unconscious level that it takes away from what we truly deserve. Change the message; if someone says something nice or gives you a gift, you deserve it.

Please remember that when someone does something nice for you, whatever it might be, or gives you praise, the person is giving you a gift, don’t take that away from them, however much you might want to accept graciously don’t say, it’s too expensive or whatever, bite your tongue and just say thank you. The more often you do this, the easier and more natural it will become and on an unconscious level the old negative messages are replaced with positive confident beliefs.

‘Til next time
Have a wonderful week.
To Your Success and Brilliance

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Women and Power

Happy Mother’s day albeit a little late. If you’re a Mother it’s not just the one day that’s important, it’s how you are treated every day.

In my 67 years I’ve been through many different phases in my life, including having to find fulfillment from within and women and their power still fascinates me. We are one of the few countries who haven’t yet had a woman President. It intrigues me that here in the US, women still in many ways take second place.

Don’t gun me down for what I’m writing this week. It’s without judgment. Honesty often it hurts, yet truth is what really makes the world go round.

From the research I’ve read although women owned businesses are the fastest growing in number, we often still don’t have equality when it comes to salary. Yet, when it comes to emotions most men will tell you that they think we are by far, much stronger and more powerful than men.

It’s time that every woman said “yes to herself.” You deserve to feel powerful (not controlling) not from ego, just because you’re you. You deserve to have a family if that’s what you want while you are still young enough to do it easily.

I hear too many women saying, I have to be successful first, then I can have a family. Suddenly they are 40 and find they were so busy being successful, they forgot to have children. Being successful doesn’t make it easier to have a child it makes it a lot more expensive and unless you’re very fortunate instead of staying home and spending time with your little one during their childhood, you’re back at work paying the huge medical bills.

You deserve to have money, abundance and respect and you certainly deserve to believe in yourself. You truly can do anything you choose.

I’m being interviewed by Maureen O’Crean of Distinctively Diva on Wednesday May 14th and we will be talking about the topic “Say Yes to You – Stop Living on the Sidelines and Step into the game of Life." To register for the call you will find all the details at . 7p.m. Pacific time, 10p.m. Eastern.

If you live anywhere near the Los Angeles area, on June 25th, I will be presenting a two hour workshop on ‘Say Yes to You.’ I will include more about this in my blog in future issues..

That’s all I have to say for now. You were born to have prosperity and abundance, become the authentic you again and stop doubting yourself. Unless you’re being attacked by something, fear isn’t real, it’s just a thought :) Think positively and celebrate yourself.

‘til next time
Have a fantastic week
To Your Success and Brilliance

Thursday, May 8, 2008

How Do You Define Yourself?

Because of answers I was receiving from clients recently I asked the question “How do you define yourself?” The answers led me to write about this really important question this week. I started asking people, mainly women, around me the same question.

It saddened me to hear some of the answers I received. One woman defined herself by her husband and children, another by her level of financial success, one by being the daughter of a well known personality and so forth. Only a few women defined themselves just by being who they are.

I used to define myself by how successful I was, by a husband, by my children, education, by what other people thought of me. I didn’t realize that left me with something lacking! Obviously we are defined by many things as we go through the stages of ‘growing up.’ It never occurred to me back then that I was a person in my own right and that the only definition that really counts is being defined by who I am.

Take a look at how you define yourself. Don’t say what you think you ‘should’ or ‘must’ say, be gut honest. It’s OK if you have been defining yourself by things outside of you. Giving yourself the gift of honesty about this will allow you to grow even greater. If you have been defining yourself from outside, you can start to work on defining yourself by ‘who’ you are and the gifts you bring to the world.

You are ‘who you are’ not because someone or something made you that way but just because you’re you. A wonderful brilliant light in the world. Allow yourself to shine brightly.

Have a wonderful week.
‘til next time
To Your Success and Brilliance