Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I can't seem to make it perfect!

How often have you heard someone say “I can’t seem to make it perfect!” Or a client say “it’s not perfect so I can’t sell it yet.”

Nothing is perfect in life and the more you attempt to make it so, the less perfect it usually becomes.

If you’re in business and you write articles, create products or want to write a book and think that unless it’s perfect you can’t do it, please put that thinking on the shelf.

If I had waited until I thought my book “The Astonishing Power of You” was absolutely perfect which is why I dithered about it for so long, I would never have published it and it would never have been on Amazon’s best seller list. God never meant for us to be or do things perfectly, just to be authentic and to get it done.

If there’s something you want to do, just do it. Better not to be perfect than to have regrets that you didn’t get it done.

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