Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Do You Focus or Fold?

Everywhere I go recently it seems that someone is talking about balance and focus. I keep hearing how challenging it is to stay balanced and focused on a daily basis and I can certainly relate to that.

Because I have a home office, like so many coaches, it’s very easy to fold instead of focusing. What I mean by that is, there you are moving through your day and doing your best to get all the things done that you might have on a list. You managed to get the first thing finished and now you’re on action #2, when suddenly you think about something completely different and before you know it, you’ve totally folded what you’re in the midst of, it’s now on the shelf and you’re moving over to the next thing. Now you have one unfinished project and another that you might or might not finish before you have a thought about something else.

If you want to have balance in your life, one of the best things to do is to stay focused on one thing at a time. Most women can multi-task, yet it’s actually more time consuming than focusing and getting one thing finished at a time.

This is what Personal Development consultant Jeanie Marshall writes about balance. She can be reached at http://www.mhmail.

“Achieving a state of balance is not a final destination; instead it is an ongoing and evolving process. Imbalance is an aspect of balance. Being in a state of balance every second all day long is not likely or even desirable. It is more important to notice when you are in a state of balance and when you are not, than to expect to “always” be in a state of balance.

Your energy changes all through the day, and is supposed to. The more often it changes, the more you can keep finding your state of equilibrium, and the more skilled you become at being able to return to a state of balance, which immediately changes. To understand balance, you must become sensitive to your own energy, your own feelings, and your own life.”

Having balance in life will allow for you to have many more stress free days and also allow you to stay more centered. However, as Jeanie says, “it is an ongoing and evolving process.” Don’t expect this to happen overnight or every second of every day, learn to notice the difference between balance and imbalance in your life and become aware of your energy. This like most things is a learned skill.

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