Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm the me I choose to be!!

The reason I used the title, "I’m the me I choose to be" is because over the years, first with patients in private practice and since 1998 with coaching clients, I have discovered that many people don’t realize that they are who they have made a choice to be.

We live with the law of attraction every day and the kind of energy we put out into the world is what we receive back. That applies to who we are too, not only what we attract.

For many years I played the role of victim, all through my 20’s and 30’s and finally in my 40’s, things changed. There were situations and events that brought me face to face with my own weaknesses and made it necessary for me over the course of a number of years, to make many changes.

Of course, I could have chosen not to make the changes, I could have chosen to stay the 'me' I was then. However, my life no longer worked that way and that was the one thing I could see, even when I didn’t want to. I knew I now had to take responsibility for my own life and create it the way I wanted to live.

We are all victims of circumstances! However, we don’t have to play the role. Whatever is going on in your life, your business, your job, ask yourself if this is how you want to live. Your thoughts create your feelings, feelings create behavior, behaviors become actions. What are your behaviors, feelings and actions like? Are you being true to yourself? Is there thinking that you can change so you can take charge of your life?

Choose to be the person you truly want to be and live the life you truly want to live.

Have a wonderful week.
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To Your Success and Brilliance
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