Wednesday, June 27, 2007

March To Your Own Drummer

Last week I took a real vacation, something I haven’t done for a number of years. I went to a beautiful family resort/spa with all my family including my six grandchildren, who range in age from 3 years to six years old. I played relaxed, & read great books. A really great treat for me. Especially being around the children for a whole week. It also allowed me the opportunity to see how kids re-act to other people.

At this age they still march to their own drummer. Although, they heeded what their parents said, when it came to what other kids wanted they didn’t stand still for saying yes just to be liked. From the youngest to the oldest they went with what they wanted to do without worrying about the reaction of their peers or for that matter adults.

I was thinking what a pity it is that somewhere between 5 – 10 years old, we tend to lose the ability to ‘go for it’ for ourselves. We start to play the record of the ‘you should’, you must, ‘you have to.’ And we start to conform with what we think society wants. We drift into what I call the “pleasing syndrome.” Often people do this for many years, sometimes their whole lives. This really dilutes inner power and diminishes energy and the ability to attract what you really want in life.

Look at the first two principles in the 28 principles of attraction written by Thomas Leonard.

1. The Importance of YOU. Without you there is nothing and Attraction isn’t possible. Make sure you take care of yourself first. Not to the Detriment of others and don’t get stuck in ego, this isn’t attractive.

Attraction works in the present, not in the future. If you’re dragging things from your past or afraid of what might happen in the future, you won’t attract What you want in the NOW.

Are you pleasing yourself or are you stuck in pleasing other people and saying yes even when it doesn’t really work for you because you want people to think more highly of you, to think you’re nice, to like you etc. etc.

I know what it’s like because many years ago I was stuck in that pattern. What I discovered when I finally found the courage to march to my own drummer was that people respected me much more when I stood in integrity and set boundaries for myself. Those that didn’t like it were not meant to be in my life.

Always march to your own drummer and have respect for yourself.

‘Til next Time

To your Success and Brilliance

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