Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Perseverance = Power

I went to see a great show last week, “Jersey Boys.” The Frankie Valli story. This was my era of music and it was really great entertainment with fabulous music that brought back lots of memories of my younger days. It also gave me another ‘Aha’ moment I didn’t expect in that setting. If you don’t give up, you really can achieve what you want. I would like so much to see everyone understanding this.

Often we hear about people who bring great pleasure to the world without ever knowing what their back story is. Frankie Valli’s story was very interesting.

To make it brief, he ran with a gang of really wild kids who had dealings with the mafia and got into crime and lots of mischief resulting in jail time. He could just as easily have taken that road. Instead he wanted more and became famous for giving pleasure instead of famous for being infamous.

Often when people want more and it’s too challenging they give up. Sometimes, without realizing it, they are on the brink of success and they stop. Why??

One of the reasons is they don’t want it badly enough. Sometimes it’s because they are really afraid they will fail and don’t believe in themselves sufficiently. It’s all about how you are thinking. I’ve said this many times before, change the way you think and you really can change your life.

That’s what Frankie Valli did. Never mind what challenges were thrown at him and there were many, he didn’t see giving up as an option. He was passionate about his music and loved what he did and that’s really all it takes.

Make sure you really love what you do and are passionate about it. Keep moving forward and although I can’t promise miracles, I do know that miracles can happen. You have the ability to achieve anything you want in life. Go out and make it happen.

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To Your Success and Brilliance

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