Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

There were a couple of interesting things I heard during the past week that I wanted to pass on to you to nudge your thinking.

I don’t spend time with people who are negative, people who are not generally happy or people who more often than not live in fear. I don’t want any of that negative energy around me.

I certainly don’t know everything, I learn just like everyone else and I continue to do so. I’ve been very fortunate and have surrounded myself with people who can teach me things I don’t know or help me to enhance things I have already learned.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Do you surround yourself with people who inspire you, who laugh and are happy 90% of the time?

Do you really hear what people say? Not just listen to the words but really hear them or are you often anxiously waiting when someone is speaking, to tell your story and what’s going on in your life? Make a habit of really hearing when people speak. This will also help you to determine what kind of thinking they have and whether it’s bringing positive or negative energy into your energy field.

The other interesting thing I heard was from one of my mentors, Chris Howard who said, "Wealthy People have money, however people with money are not necessarily wealthy."

All of this adds up to becoming really consciously aware. Are you attracting positive energy and creating the life of your dreams?

Have a wonderful week and happy Labor Day.

‘Til Next Time
Success and Brilliance

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