Wednesday, January 2, 2008

There’s no such thing as perfection!

Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to go into a new beginning.

What do I mean by a new beginning? January is a wonderful time of the year to start fresh. To set new goals, make new wishes, create new visions and get on track with your dreams. Whatever you didn’t get done last year or the year before, take a look and see where you might have done it differently and then set actions to make it happen.

A word of caution! It’s OK to make mistakes and you definitely don’t have to be perfect. Perfectionism can create procrastination, lessen your confidence and take away your power. Achievement through being a perfectionist takes away, it doesn’t increase. It’s much more productive to get something done rather than spend time attempting to get it perfect and yet never getting it going.

Mistakes allow you to learn. Imagine if we never made mistakes, how would we learn?

So, make this a great beginning to this wonderful New Year, take one step at a time, create your goals and then don’t just look toward the end result, look at the daily actions you take and the weekly goals you create. Your goals will happen if you take it in small does. Remember to always be grateful for the abundance around you. Abundance is not about money, it’s about life.

Have a great month.
To Your Success and Brilliance

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