Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Do you have a dream?

I arrived back last night from an amazing 4 day vision leader conference with incredible speakers and 50 other vision leader attendees, myself included. I met wonderful people and heard the most amazing visions and dreams. The main theme I heard from everyone who wants to make great changes in themselves and/or the world were the words soul and spirituality.

This workshop wasn’t about money. Everyone I hope knows that money is a big factor and definitely makes life a lot easier. And, that we all deserve to achieve wealth and abundance in life, however the visions I heard were about the help, teaching and gifts people can bring to the world first. Do that and wealth follows.

There we were in the midst of the worst storm that San Francisco has had for over a decade, t he winds were blowing about 70 miles an hour and yet the sound of this storm, the heaviness of the rain seemed to make it even more perfect and inside the room there was a wonderful feeling of love, peace and gratitude.

We made mind maps about our visions, we shared thoughts and ideas, we spent time learning from each other and also laughing a lot. We were all really excited to imagine the difference that people can make in the world if they make dreams come true.

Visions are about whatever it is you dream of. Nothing is too big if you believe in yourself. For example, there was someone who’s vision was about wanting to help women over 50 make it easier to create great relationships, there were others who wanted to make the world a safer place for kids, overall every vision I heard was in some way to teach people how to live their lives purposefully with passion.

I think everybody is looking for the same thing, a much deeper connection with their soul, spirituality and with other people looking for the same thing.

Don’t put your dreams on hold, nothing is silly or ridiculous, everything and anything is possible. Nothing happens over night and it takes time for visions to materialize. It doesn’t always happen exactly when we want it to. Sometimes the Universe works in it’s own time. All you have to do is believe in yourself, have patience and take action. And, never listen to people who put down your dreams. You can do anything and everything, you are a brilliant source of light.

‘Til next time
Have a wonderful week
Success and Brilliance

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