Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What’s the real reason?

What’s the real reason people don’t get where they want in life? Why do some people become really successful and some people just don’t quite make it. They get to the edge and stop, often just as they are about to achieve the success they want.

They are afraid to believe in themselves and their own ability. There’s that word fear again! You know what, the only thing you need to do is make a decision that you are not going to let that feeling hold you back. You don’t need to break a board, walk on hot coals, bunji jump or anything else if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to let fear take over and control you. Believe it or not, unless you are being stalked by a tiger, or are in other dangerous situations, fear is not even real. I know it feels real, yet it’s just a thought. It’s what we call in psychology, “false evidence appearing real.” You have the ability, the choice and power to change your thinking so that fear and doubt doesn’t stop you from achieving what you want.

Ask yourself how long you’ve been saying “I want to ………., I’m going to……… and yet you keep doing the same thing over and over. You’ve probably heard that old quote that goes something like this, “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results will make you crazy.”

Whether it’s professional, relationships or life in general, if you’re not where you want to be, get honest with yourself. Are you holding yourself back because you’re afraid? Write down 3 successes you’ve had in life. It doesn’t matter what they are just something you consider was a success. Now, ask yourself what you were thinking and what action you took to make those things happen. If you’ve done it once, you can do it again.

You’re an incredible human being, don’t let old messages steal your dreams and don’t let fear take away your power. What’s the worst that can happen if you take a risk? What’s the best that can happen? When you answer these questions for yourself, I think you might see that nothing really catastrophic can happen if you take the leap of faith. Go for it.

To Your success and brilliance
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