Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Women and Power

Happy Mother’s day albeit a little late. If you’re a Mother it’s not just the one day that’s important, it’s how you are treated every day.

In my 67 years I’ve been through many different phases in my life, including having to find fulfillment from within and women and their power still fascinates me. We are one of the few countries who haven’t yet had a woman President. It intrigues me that here in the US, women still in many ways take second place.

Don’t gun me down for what I’m writing this week. It’s without judgment. Honesty often it hurts, yet truth is what really makes the world go round.

From the research I’ve read although women owned businesses are the fastest growing in number, we often still don’t have equality when it comes to salary. Yet, when it comes to emotions most men will tell you that they think we are by far, much stronger and more powerful than men.

It’s time that every woman said “yes to herself.” You deserve to feel powerful (not controlling) not from ego, just because you’re you. You deserve to have a family if that’s what you want while you are still young enough to do it easily.

I hear too many women saying, I have to be successful first, then I can have a family. Suddenly they are 40 and find they were so busy being successful, they forgot to have children. Being successful doesn’t make it easier to have a child it makes it a lot more expensive and unless you’re very fortunate instead of staying home and spending time with your little one during their childhood, you’re back at work paying the huge medical bills.

You deserve to have money, abundance and respect and you certainly deserve to believe in yourself. You truly can do anything you choose.

I’m being interviewed by Maureen O’Crean of Distinctively Diva on Wednesday May 14th and we will be talking about the topic “Say Yes to You – Stop Living on the Sidelines and Step into the game of Life." To register for the call you will find all the details at . 7p.m. Pacific time, 10p.m. Eastern.

If you live anywhere near the Los Angeles area, on June 25th, I will be presenting a two hour workshop on ‘Say Yes to You.’ I will include more about this in my blog in future issues..

That’s all I have to say for now. You were born to have prosperity and abundance, become the authentic you again and stop doubting yourself. Unless you’re being attacked by something, fear isn’t real, it’s just a thought :) Think positively and celebrate yourself.

‘til next time
Have a fantastic week
To Your Success and Brilliance

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